happy earth day+a gift for troops

in honor of earth day i was thinking about the things that i like to do to make a little bit of difference in the whole impact department. of course i turn off the water while brushing my teeth. i use recycled grocery bags when i go to the grocery store. i turn off every light as i leave the room- not to mention the energy saving light bulbs that are in the lamps. i even use "green" cleaning and laundry products and of course recycle my plastics.

but i have to say that my Favorite "earth friendly" technique is to take worn out stuff and turn it into something useful, beautiful or just fun. like a notebook made from cereal boxes. 

or repurposing that chair with a little TLC and paint.

or a t-shirt made into a bag or a necklace. 

and don't forget the re-usable coffee cozy

and of course shopping at places like etsy.

 all these things are not HUGE efforts but to tell you the truth it really is about finding beauty and use out of things that others might pass by. it's almost like a little challenge to myself to see what i can make out of that t-shirt, button and string. just ask my hubby he knows. and by the way it also saves a little cash-and who wouldn't like that?!

by the way- if you are looking to get a new cell phone and don't want to just throw your old one out (please don't!) here is a way to recycle and give back. donate that old phone to troops overseas and in harms way. a lot of times troops don't have cell phones to call home so they must wait in line for a regular phone up to 8hours just for a 15 min call! you can donate yours by going HERE

i challenge you to do one green thing today. even if its helping your water bill by turning it off that extra 2 minutes. 

have a good "green" day!  


  1. Love your ideas. You are so creative. Love your colors and the chair is soooooo cute. I got some ideas at my house!!!!

  2. Well, I guess it can't hurt to be a LITTLE green ... lol.



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