busy girl

a couple of months ago i was asked to be in a brick and mortar shop here in EP. 
it's called the Pink Cottage Boutique and its very cute but this whole being in a "store" means you have to have readily available stock. so...i had to get to work!

20 purses+
10 clutches+ 
6 wallets+
5 checkbook covers+
10 coffee cozies+
15 bracelets+
7 bunting banners+ 
5 t-shirt necklaces+ 
= 1 very tired girl!

i am very excited to have my things in a place where people can actually pick them up and try them on but i am definitely pooped! i really hope though that people will like what they see and buy a little piece of *making by jemimah b. 

 i was also asked to incorporate my photography as well so there is a place where people can see my portfolio and also get info on how to contact me. i am REALLY excited about this aspect. again it's nice for potential clients to be able to see some examples. especially locally because moving around all the time makes it difficult for me to get my name out there. hopefully they will like jemimah b. photography!  

on a different note i just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe july 4th. please remember our freedom isn't free. i hope that we all, including me, never forget that.



  1. Wow! you have been busy. Congrats on all the good work. Hope it is the begining of lots of customers!


  2. everything looks SO great! I know you have been busy and I bet your stuff flies off the shelf! Miss you!


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