new day

so as you can see there has been a few changes around here. i know that i have neglected this blog for some time and knew that if it was going to survive, serve a purpose and draw me to post-which i love to do- it needed a kick start. even though i loved my old blog my life has changes a lot since starting it and its not about a girl living overseas and crafting anymore. while i am still crafting up a storm i wanted this little blog to reflect other things that are going on in my life. my photography. our new life in tx. being married for 10 years. and just the general craziness that happens around here. i hope that you enjoy the fresh new start as much as me. 
if you are lost don't fret! use the categories section to find what you are looking for specifically. 
lets kick things off. 

i don't consider myself a foodie. my sister and bro. in law have that covered. but i don't know of anyone else who gets as excited over cup cakes like i do. i mean i LOVE these things. little pieces of cake that you can decorate anyway you want and since they are small make you feel like you aren't consuming as many calories? come on!! 

i made these guys a few weeks ago for a sunday school b-day celebration and i couldn't help but take some pictures. i love how the flags are saying "come get me you know you want to!"......maybe they were just saying that to me :)

looking forward to many new post soon to come i'm sure ;o) enjoy your start to fall!


  1. Hey I love your new look. And I love, love, love cupcakes. Your's are so cute. I have to make some for my new boss and I think I will make those flags. How did you do that?
    Love you Mom

  2. FINALLY!! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting...and poof! a new post, YAY!! I like it and look forward to reading more about y'all's new life in Texas (what country is THAT in??).


  3. I like it. And I agree. The flags are saying "come get me, you know you want to" LOL! They look wonderful. I'll enjoy reading. Thanks for letting me know.

    Love you and miss you,

  4. adorable! really wishing i could get one of those delivered to me right now!
    love the new blog look!

  5. Hey I know that we had to teach that day, but how did we miss out on the cupcakes? :)


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