Maternity photo session + my friend Amber

sometimes when i meet new people i get accused of being shy which inevitably turns into "she's a snob". i'm really not i only play one on T.V. :)
upon going to our church here i met a sweet person named Amber. she is shy and private like me which made me like her right away. only she has a much better...everything. she is bubbly and has a laugh that can fill up the room and looks great pregnant. which kind of makes me hate her. but only a little :)

she was already pregnant when i met her and had that typical "glow" about her. our mutual friend Priscilla came to me and asked if i would like to help through Amber a shower i jumped up and down and said yes!
Along with the shower and another handmade gift i convinced Amber she needed me to give her maternity pictures seeing how she didn't have any of her first pregnancy and this might be her last. She agreed i think mostly because i kept bugging her about it and she wanted me to shut up!

today i thought i would post her pictures because not to long ago mr. "j" came into the world. after a week of being overdue, i know Amber was so ready to meet him and i know he will be so blessed being a part of their sweet family.


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