arkansas family photographer- my family

is it friday already?? i know most people can't wait for Friday and sometimes thats true of me. but most of the time i can't seem to get all i need done by then. hence the late post.

over the holidays i was able to take pictures of my family. my silly, beautiful, funny family.

what you can tell from these few photos is that i have really good looking people in my family. what you can't tell is that the day we had our little photo shoot it was one of the coldest days in Arkansas. 

my mother- the 2nd original funky momma- had requested that i grab a couple shots of the family while i was in town. i sent out a pre-shoot e-mail in my typical OCD fashion to let everyone know what i needed and how the shoot would go. i let them know that i might do some yelling and directing at the shoot. this of course was only because i love them and i know how crazy there are and because of the for mentioned OCD-itis. yes i even included wardrobe stipulations. thats right people. thats how i roll. i'm happy to say we all had a fun {freezing} time and i really like the results of our little shoot. it is rare that all of us are together at one holiday so i'm glad we could work it out. 

my older sister has a few other shots of the day on Her Blog. these are just a few of my faves. my super cute nephews and my gorge Younger Sister (who is also a photographer).

happy weekend!


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