new year

this year, i predict, is going to be a bit nuts. my feeling, along with some info, is fueling this theory.
i know our lives are going to be very busy and full of fun and yes even stressful at times.

it's only a few days into the new year and i have already seen evidence of this.

right now i am in the middle of a new opportunity in my craft business and trying to get on track with some new ideas in my photography business.  my holiday decorations have still not come down in my home and quite frankly i'm not in a hurry. this year just like last we didn't have a Christmas tree. we knew we wouldn't be here for actual Christmas so we didn't bother with one. i do however have a few decorations around the house. just a few. it's not Christmas wonderland like my sisters house but it's nice.
i have enjoyed coming back from visiting family and looking at my few little things. they make me smile.

this year on our 14hr drive back home from visiting family hubby asked me what my New Year resolutions were. i of course spouted out the total cliche answer with loose 5lbs, read the entire bible and purchase that big item have been wanting. but the more i think about it, normal resolutions are not the way i won't to go this year. this year i want to be grateful. i resolve myself to being grateful for moments that usually pass by or get un-noticed.
i resolve to be grateful for the changes that are going to happen. i resolve to be grateful for the new people i will meet. i resolve to enjoy the quite and mundane moments with my hubby. i resolve to be grateful for people i love and to tell them more. i resolve to be grateful for the stress that comes along with life and business and to realize what a blessing it is having these things. i resolve to be grateful for all that i have and in no way deserve.

i'm such a blessed girl and sometimes i don't realize that and get caught up in my self centered world of me me me. i don't realize what an awesome gift of life i have been given. is it stressful? sometimes yes. but all to often i need to realize that it's not about me and everyone has there ups and downs and thankfully i know the One who holds the future and if i keep my eyes on Him everything will be okay.

*photos taken at white sands national monument, nm

happy tuesday!


  1. this is a beautiful resolution and reminder! my resolution this year is to bless others since 2010 was a year that others blessed me in my time of need.

  2. I love it and I love you. You are such a wonderful blessing to me and this family. I am very grateful for you. Have a wonderful day!


  3. great resolution! and great pictures - love the first one, the sand looks like sugar!

  4. beautiful photos!! just catching up on blog news finally! :)


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