2010 year in review- Texas + Arkansas photographer

this past year i was honored and excited to shoot so many fun people! i had a blast and each shoot was a unique learning experience.

that's one of the things i love about being a photographer. each shoot is like a new experience because as Forest said "you never know what your gonna get". you can plan the location the time of day you could even plan the outfits and poses but something always happens. not necessarily bad even. something that you didn't plan for. can't plan for. that moment when the child is being totally authentic and precious. that quite moment in between "shots" that a couple doesn't know i got. i really strive to look at a situation as a chance to grow as a photographer. because the day i start thinking i have everything under control and know everything about my craft is the day i should lay down my camera and quit. 

this experience for me is not about how awesome i can be or my totally rad expensive rig on my camera or even getting the exposure exactly right. in fact some of my favorite shots ever are a little blurry or over exposed a bit. but that's what i love about them. they are real. and that's what I'm into. being real. real people. really laughing. really loving. and i get to be a part of it!

I'm so lucky these people let me be a part of their lives for a brief moment this past year:

 those baby blues are to die for!

i LOVE her freckles!

adam has the same reaction to bubbles :)

i even had fun with family! who knew?!

happy monday!


  1. Great post! Great pictures! love you, love them!



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