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so last month was my birthday and i received some cool gifts including a gift card to Hobby Lobby -one of my favorite stores!- from one of my girlfriends. i hadn't made it over to one of our stores till last week. been so busy in all it kinda slipped my mind!

i really didn't go into the store looking for anything in particular then i came across this book, Sew Serendipity. have you seen it? well maybe i'm late to the game but i hadn't. i really haven't been looking at too many craft/sewing books lately. mostly because i've been too busy but this one jumped out at me. usually HL has very few books to choose from anyway so i don't usually look at the racks but i was delighted to find this one. i really have been wanting to get more into clothes making and i think this one is going to be good. *sorry for the picture quality. taken with my phone. it really doesn't do the images in the book justice*

this book is so fun! Kay Whitt does illustrations in the book of how she envisioned the piece to look and then there are pictures of how the item turned out. i have been away from my machine since i bought this book, but took it with me to study over my trip. i really like how she has a few key pieces and then you build on each to make it develop into another piece with the same starting point. she also encourages you to make it your own and gives ideas for different twists. the book also has helpful sewing tips, supplies list and material suggestions.

i'm really looking forward to start making skirts, dresses, tunics, jackets and coats from this book all in mismatched fun fabrics!

i also recently found this book, Handmade Weddings. oh my goodness! where was this book when i got married almost 11 years ago!?! i LOVE this book. the photos. the ideas. the colors. the styling. oh yummy yummy! 

i do not own this book but i wish i did. i even think a lot of the ideas could be worked into baby and wedding showers and parties. such clean crisp simple ideas that the most crafty to the crafty beginners could use. uh! so pretty! definitely have to put this one on the wish list.  

happy Thursday!


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