last photo shoot of 2010-Arkansas photographer

what do you get when you take a really bad rain storm, two super cute kids, two loving parents, a quant downtown seen and one crazy photographer? a great photo shoot!

this family is as sweet and fun as they are cute. Lindsey + Brian are such awesome fun parents and it totally shows in their kids. they've been friends of ours for years and it's so neat to see them in their lives now and where God has taken them. they are so in love with each other and their kids and it shows.

 i had so much fun shooting this family. they squeezed in for the last shoot of 2010. we have been trying to do this shoot for a year and i'm so glad on my last visit to Arkansas we made it happen. we thought a major storm was going to come down on us but we were lucky enough that it held out for us. and turns out we had great light!

miss Mackie is such a ball of fun and attitude just like her mom. only in a 4yr olds body! 

 mr. Dylan is so cute and totally stoked that he can walk....a little wobbly though :)

Lindsey rocked it out! gorgeous!! 

happy thursday!


  1. I love these. You are so right, such a precious family. I love seeing pictures of friends of my kids and what all they are doing in their lives now. You did a great job, as usual. It was good to talk to you today too!

    Love you,


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