reality check

it seems as though the end of January and the beginning of February was pretty tough. we had massive crazy weather here in the west (which they are totally not prepared for), hubby and i both caught strep throat, we were without power and water for a bit and just to top it off a foot injury from my past came back to hinder me from doing any exercise.  ever have one of those months?

so now that i'm trying to get back on track, yesterday i went to the gym for the first time since... and today my body is telling me all about it. yeah reality check. 

this week i am preparing to make a little road trip to see one of my dear friends and i'm so excited! so while i am prepping for that the groceries have to be bought for hubby, the dog groomed, the house cleaned, the car washed and a few craft projects to finish. just to name a few. pheew! and that's life! 

so busy but so grateful to be living it!

happy Wednesday!


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