what do want lady? {TX Photographer}

right now i am listening to a carpet drying fan in my bedroom and smelling enzyme spray. why you ask? well because last night the apt. next to ours, and adjacent to our bed room, flooded. no one knew this for an hour because the apt. is vacant. we did however hear lots of noise coming from that apt. at 1230 till 2 am this morning and were super annoyed wondering what was going on. of course it was the handy men ripping out the old carpet and trying to wet vac as much as they could out. 
unbeknownst to us, the floor in our bedroom along with our box springs (which sits on the floor) were sitting in water all night. all that to say it's been an interesting morning.  i am however so grateful we have renters insurance and a roof over our heads. a little water never hurt any one and really can i truly be upset with what has happened recently in Japan?! no way! perspective people! ok i feel better :) Thanks to those same handy men who are still up working on my place and 2 others to get it fixed. they've gotta be so tired!

along with today it has been a little nutty around here. i have news but i can't fill you in just yet so you'll have to be patient. :)

until then take a look at this super cutie pie! she is the daughter of one of my besties Sarah who i went to see in Feb.

i love the look on her face like "what do you want lady?"
she is so fun. 
will be posting more pics from that day soon along with a few other shoots i've had lately :) 
every day i can't believe how awesome God is to me. i'm so blessed!! 

happy monday!


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