Spring is in the Air {texas baby photographer}

i don't know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods but here spring has arrived. the trees, the few that we have around here, are in bloom and i'm so happy. i only wish it would rain. i know all of you new englanders are cursing me but i truly miss the rain here. you would think that having sunshine 365 days of the year would make someone happy. leave it to me to complain! oh well thats what we get and i am thankful for the beautiful sunshine because there are worse things :)

it seems that there is a lot of babies, bellies and such lately as well.  i love my job. when photographing these little ones it really doesn't feel like a job because of this kind of cuteness! 

baby W is so cute. i photographed him before he was even here! it's so cool to see him grow and change.

hope the weather is nice where you are! and if it's not i hope you find some joy like this around. 

happy tuesday!


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