big news...

i can't really get my head around it but in one week hubby and i will be moving! we are moving here:

are you from here? will i live close to you? i hope we can meet! 

here to be exact

we are moving there so hubby can do this

while attending here.

i am looking forward to this (40 min from my house!)

hubby is looking forward to lots of this.

i'm looking forward to seeing this again 

and maybe we'll catch one of these games.

i am NOT looking forward to this (i thought west tx was hot)

 but i do like these. 

i will definitely try and keep up with the blog during the move but we will see how that goes :^}
hope you are having a great week!

*all images courtesy of Google


  1. I am so excited for you both!! Does this mean I can send you my Ikea shopping list?? Hehe. Love you sis!


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