Erica, Charlie, Wyatt + Evan {el paso family photographer}

the morning i met this family for the shoot the boys were not sure about me.

this family was so much fun! the two boys definitely kept me on my feet and were full of personality.

  but once i introduced them to the park we were shooting at - a rarity in El Paso- and told them to run and play, they thought i was OK.
 the Ham and the Daredevil desperate to keep up with his brother. both always on the move and ALL boy :)
with the husband about to head out on deployment i was so glad i got to capture this family's love for one another.

you can definitely tell there is lots of love and laughter in this family just by the way they are around each other. you can't fake that.

i'm always so honored when people allow me into there world for a few hours. these boys are so blessed to have a great mom and a great dad who fights for our freedom.
 what a great morning!

Happy Friday!


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