Inspire Me

there is a lot out there that inspires me. people. God's creation. music. children. and ideas that make me say why didn't i come up with that?? 
take this site for instance. geez where was this when i was getting married, learning to craft or set up house!? often i wish for days gone by and wonder why God placed me in the time He did? still a big ole mystery to me somedays. but on days that i look at Pinterest, i am glad i have access to things like this. not only for inspiration but laughter, emotion and learning.

i love this quote that i pinned. such a good reminder.

lately i have been running around like a headless chicken. with moving and starting another home based business (that's currently three for those keeping count) i have had scattered brain. 

i need organization. for some who know me they think this is genetic, ocd or just craziness. but the truth is, i need lists, a deadline and expectations in order to rest, be calm and put my mind at ease. some may think i'm making this up and it's just an excuse to be anal about everything but seriously, i have to have these things in order to achieve the above. just to be clear, being organized and making lists is not worrying. that's a whole other post.

i have pretty high standards for myself, true. and maybe my expectations are a little unrealistic sometimes, but that's me. in order to love more and worry less, i am working on accepting that God made ME. he made my brain and all the little idiosyncrasies that are in there. the person that i want to love more is ME. and not WORRY that i'm not like everyone else. to be ok with the fact that i DO talk really fast. that i AM really organized. that i would rather take a NAP than have a dinner party with 30 people. thats ok. it's also ok that not everyone else is like that! how boring would that be?! 

wow this went on way longer than i had planned! i guess my point is i find inspiration everywhere. but i really think WE are the most inspiring things out there. not because of us, but because of GOD. because HE FIRST LOVED US! and that's what we should being doing. loving the creation that He made. not accepting wrong or staying in sin but loving ourselves and others through the muck and the mire just as He did and called us to do as well. He is what inspires me to look at life through His eyes and see what and who i can be, help and grow.

that's what inspires me. i would love to know what inspires you?

happy weekend!
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