Miss Teagan {TX Baby Photographer}

For this family shoot I decided on a park I discovered through Google no less! I was looking up an address and stumbled upon this park while looking at the arial view.
When you find a park like this in the desert you immediately check it out! Locations being scarce- and the nice ones being crowded on a Saturday morning- you try to keep you options open. So I was thrilled when I found this one-and it has trees! 
Location: check. Cute baby: check. Good time: double check.

This cutie was so easy to work with. She didn't fuss too much when we changed her clothes and hair bows... several times. 

Doesn't she have the best little smile? I had so much fun with her at our morning shoot.

Brittany and Joe are so proud and totally in love with their first born. It is so sweet!

Their love for this little one totally shows and I'm so happy I got to capture it! Cute babies are always fun to shoot and I'm so glad I get to play work with them as part of my job! :)

Happy Wednesday!


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