Again?! Yes again...

Right now it's November, and I dress similar to this:

because I live here:

In 7 weeks I will be dressing closer to this:

because I will be living here:

All photos from Pinterest

Yes we are moving.....again.
Hubby got an AWESOME job opportunity and he (we) couldn't pass it up.
God has truly blessed us far beyond what we deserve and we are so thankful!!
Yes it is farther from family and yes it is very unexpected but I have to tell you I am STOKED! 
I love cold weather and boy are we gonna have some. We are going from one extreme to the other. I'm sure it will be akin to when we all (my mom, dad and siblings) stepped off the plane from Florida to Alaska. We didn't have hardly any shoes that weren't sandals! 
This time, however, we (Hubby and I) will be a little more prepared than that.
I have- thankfully- kept most of my Germany coats and sweaters and boots but I'm sure there will need to be more shopping done. Oh darn. Shopping for clothes. How will I cope!? :)

I will try and update when I have more to tell. Right now it's a flurry of trying to find movers that will brave the snow covered roads to MT, settling our rental here (grrr!), trying to pack and oh yeah find a new place to live. Ah, such is life! OUR life anyways. I don't know why it's a surprise after all these years?! Hey at least life isn't boring. God certainly keeps us on our toes!

Happy Tuesday :)


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