Kicking butt and taking names... well almost.

you know when you go to sleep at night with this mountain, yet somehow feasible, of a list (all women know what i'm talking about) of things to achieve the next day/week and you think "yeah i'm gonna kick butt!"? then you wake up the next morning and your body says" haha yeah right! lol! that's hilarious!" well that happened to me. today.
never have been one for the whole it's monday so it's gotta stink outlook, but today was one of those days.

also, can i just say pay attention to your body. it will tell you when you have low blood sugar, or dehydration or something in it it doesn't like. God is cool that way. He made our bodies to talk to us- if we will listen- and fortunately i have the luxury of listening and being able to (relatively) stop slow down.

so today was not filled with all the things i had have on my list, but rather nourishing, resting, watching hulu and s l o w l y cleaning the apartment. which i do every monday so that actually needed to be done. luckily i use natural cleaners, so no toxic fumes to make me even more unwell there.

anyways, i have big plans to impress you with current house apartment DIY updates, crafty projects, Big Sky Country explorations, the "trip"of a lifetime info and photo and personal biz updates.

hopefully this time around it will stick and i'll keep the blog going. more on that in a future post.

right now i am listening to our neighbors little one learning to play "three blind mice" on his recorder. this is because the walls are so thin. more on that in a later post as well :) but at the moment i am enjoying it.

now off to figure something out for my hubby and i to eat for dinner. delivery?

and because posts are better with photos:

happy hello monday!


  1. I had the same kinda day! Thank you for sharing!


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