Obsession: Stripes

so i know i promised a "real" post today after yesterdays, but again life happens.

i haven't been feeling well the last couple of days and today it all came to head.
the sore throat. the body that feels like a mack truck hit it. the watery eyes. and the cold chills that just won't stop!
so instead of a wonderful post full of brilliant things actual substance, and before i take a bunch of vitamins and head back to bed, i give you this instead.

i don't know if you are like me but i have a few obsessions. that sounds really bad. what i mean is things that no matter how many times i see them, or what form they take, i love them.
stripes are one of those obsessions.
so here is some stripey eye candy for ya.

sources below each photo, or you can go to my Pinterest page to see all my pins :)

Project Runway love. if only i had a place to wear that. hmm?


diy candles that i love. definitely doing these soon!

b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. chair. oh martha!

totally digging this clutch on etsy. always find tons of things to add to my favorites section there.


i think these are super clean and chic. and probibly an easy diy project. stay tuned ;)

for more check out my stripe board on Pinterest

what are you guys obsessed with? have a board on pinterest? anyone unfortunately have the flu like me?

happy (cough, cough) tuesday!


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