belated best of 2011 {jemimah b. photography}

i usually try to give a separate post to each of the amazingly fun photo shoots that i get to do. mostly because i want to show my subjects how much i love shooting them! it really is gift.
but last year seemed to get away from me too fast. hopefully i can go back and give props. but for now this will have to do.

this past year i had the honor of photographing some awesome people! i say it all the time but i really mean it. i have the BEST clients a girl could ask for! they are usually ready for fun and pretty willing to do all the crazy things i ask!

 i get to see kiddos grow up, couples in love interact and families laugh and play!
what a lucky girl i am! 
here is the *much belated* best of 2011. 

to all who let me shoot you, thanks for letting me into your world for a moment. it was a blast!! 

-mr. w. what a cutie! i got to shoot him before he was even here! then newborn, 3month (here) and 6m. such a stud!

 - the pickens. i will always have a soft spot for military couples and a man in uniform. what a bright, happy and dare i say sexy shoot this was. work it amanda!!

 -the schnurr family! they are so much fun! that little guy is a ham and definitely made me work for it! in spite of the el paso wind we managed to pull it off!

-the shinkles! another military family with rowdy boys that were a blast! you can totally see the love!

-heres mr. w. again! look at those eyes. this shoot was suprising from the start with a sudden sprinkler shower! kept me on my toes!

-the fichters! i love this little family. they are so in love with their little girl and you can see it. such a cutie too! look at that face!

-miss v.! what a sassafras! i love this little girl. she was a total model and silly as all get out!

-the vinton family! with so many boys this sweetheart is the apple of her daddy's eye! i love the challenge of getting boys to smile too :) feels so good when they finally do!

-the cartwrights! getting the big boy and little boy to behave at the same time was a challenge but well worth it! being friends i could pick at them a little more than usual ;) and such sweet love for the precious new one!

-the days! i love this couple. are you sensing a theme? ;) being friends with this lady is a pleasure! she is now expecting and i can honestly say this couple is going to be the funnest parents ever!! 

-the mirabellies! all those girls! and look at the dad's face! it says it all! so in love! 

-the sampsons! these guys were up for anything for their maternity shoot. so silly and fun the shoot flew by! 

-the shinkles part 2! while dad was deployed mom wanted to surprise him with some all boy photos to look at. these guys crack me up and they are definitely dressed for their personalities! 

-the silva family! this military chaplain with wife and son braved the phoenix heat to get their photos in before a deployment. what an honor!! these guys were such good sports and despite the heat we had a great time downtown!

-the schnurrs part 2! after the birth of their 2nd son, the schnurrs wanted some more photos while i was shooting back in el paso in october. what a fun morning at the park! just as always this family shows so much love and laughter! 

-miss l.! it is safe to say i love this little girl! she is always full of funny things and makes me laugh everytime i see her! while shooting in arkansas over the fall i'm so glad i got to get a couple shots in!

-miss k.! what a cutie! another arkansas shoot i was blessed to do. she had so much fun and personality at the lake. i love her face!! 

-the dowdens! this mom is a friend of mine from arkansas from back in the college dance company days! when she notified me for a shoot i was so excited! together with her husband and little girl they make up such a cute, sweet and loving family!

-the brown family! another arkansas flash back! this lovely lady and i worked together back when i was first married. i got to see her date and marry her hubby and now she has #3 on the way! they are so much fun and the personalities of those little girls had me rolling! 


-the phister family! these guys are friends of ours from phoenix. i took care of their daughter from time to time, and when little man was born they let me take some photos to remember the moment by. what a special moment that i could share with them! they were so excited for this little guy and i don't blame them! 

-kelsey is a sr! omgoodness! when did my niece become a sr. in hs?? makes me feel old :0( but the cool thing is while in arkansas she let me take some photos for her sr. album. this stunner is so funny and always has something to make me laugh. she is photographer herself and i can't wait to see what she's gonna do in the future!!

-the vanderhart family! this super cute family was so cool to shoot. the husband was my hubby's boss while in phoenix. they truly are one of the sweetest family's i know. they even had us over for the holidays because we were so far from family. this little guy was so easy to shoot because well, look at him! but pretty fast too! kept me on my toes! this families love for each-other is so evident and it was a blessing to be able to capture that!! 

thanks for joining me on a journey back in time! 

happy tuesday!


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