monday's quick change {montana home diy}

fyi, the weather here is nutso! the other day it got up to 60 and today it snowed. that's montana for ya!

anyways in other news: i was looking for a quick change idea in the bathroom decorating department. since i have an aversion to putting holes in the walls (that post HERE) i am trying to be REALLY creative with the decorating challenge. 

 so here's what i came up with for now. i needed a little splash of festiveness above the toilet. like i said it really couldn't be anything too permanent or difficult to take down. enter chalk. now i'm not advocating you chalk all of your regularly painted walls, but it this case it works.

i used regular old chalk in yellow. i tested this out before i drew the whole frame to see how it would do. note: don't use blue unless your walls are close to that color anyways :)
i just wanted something subtle so the yellow shows up just enough but with out it being crazy to look at or remove.
i tend to go for an all white monochromatic color scheme while decorating the bathroom anyways so i really liked the yellow frame and then i can add color with the print if i like. 

the other thing i love about this is there was already another hole left behind from the previous tenant and not covered very well by the painters so i didn't have to make a new one. don't worry i totally documented this when we moved in ;)

the quick change part comes in with the ease of the art. i printed out these really cute sayings from a free website (personal use only) that i found online. if i ever want to print them out on nice glossy paper and have them framed i can, but for now the card stock and pin work well. 

what quick change tips ideas have you been working on? any chalk projects in your house? live in an apt and have great ideas??

>Personal use ONLY printables<
*Keep Calm found HERE
*Fruit of the Spirit found HERE 
*Bee Happy found HERE

happy monday!


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