friday foto flashback {phone pics from back in the day}

i was going through some of my photos when i came across an album from back in the day. cell phone photos from 2006-2008. now remember, this is back before the whole smart phone thing and it was way cool for me to have a phone that took photos anyways! i mean i didn't have a car till i was in college or a cell phone till i had been married for a year! soooo different than todays kids. i remember the first time it hit me that the next generation would have it so different than us. i took some pictures of my nephews on my first ever big girl camera of my own (film of course) and they said "let us see!" and i was like mine doesn't do that :(  if you ever thought a 3yr old couldn't make you feel bad about yourself, think again!
but on to the phone pics. again remember these are not from a smart phone or big camera so image quality is awesome! insert sarcasm here.

trooper the dog with the look like, not again lady!

hubby being his charming self :)

d-girl showing miles the piano ropes.

my niece reese in one of here rare still moments

us being silly

 nephew miles rocking my shades

miles wanted to get a picture with me

trooper soaking up some rare german sunshine

closer than you ever wanted to be

me soaking up some rare german sun

miles stylin' with the rockabilly hairdo after bath time 

a dresser i liked 
didn't get it. wished i had :(

the boys acting out one of their favorite movies

cutie nephew wylie

 miles decided captain jack's compass was better as a necklace

hubby the first night back for R&R during deployment. he wanted sonic :)
(i miss that car :( )

one of our adopted nieces shelby

 her sister ryleigh

my handsome hubby. 

waiting for our return flight back from jamaica. 

eating some grub in AR

niece reese grabbing a picture

reese rocking the deuces and awesome hat at target

and later she told me to :)

well there you have it. some embarrassment, some flash backs, some cuteness and some memories.

do you have flashback photos? were you rocking some awesome style or hairdos way back when? aren't nieces and nephews the best?!

tomorrow i am off to my first photo shoot here in billings, mt for jemimah b. photography!! i am so excited for this engagement shoot! hope it goes well!
what are you up to this weekend?

happy friday!


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