Friday Foto Flashback {UK Photographer}

lets cross the pond shall we?

i tried to see if i posted these photos before on this here blog and thought i had, but i can't find them. so either i'm blind (which is very possible) or i, in fact, didn't. either way you're gonna see them today :)

back when hubby and i were living in germany, you know 4 moves ago, we had a chance to take a quick trip across the pond to england and ireland. it was super fast. like lightening speed, but still pretty fun. we definitely liked it and wish we could have stayed longer but glad we got to go anyways. we both agree ireland was one of the most friendly places we have been. and family friendly too.

one of my favorite memories was interpreting for hubby what one of the hotel owners was saying in ireland. oh Colin! good times :) 




Back through the English Countryside: 

happy friday! as they say, cheers!

p.s i have no idea what's going on with blogger and their photo alignment just so you know. 


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