the long road to the north

the journey started in phoenix, az and ended in billings, mt. in december. in a moving truck. that hubby drove.
i started to write this and go through the whole explanation of events, but then i started to get mad remembering all the bad things that happened. like trucks breaking down in the middle of nowhere, people being terrible at their jobs, being disappointed with our apt. and having to live in a hotel for two weeks till we found a place to live, almost buying a house and then backing out and unknown surprises about hubby's job.

but then i also remember God's providence and protection.  we were never in real danger. we always had a cell phone. he even help me see through the snow while driving over a mountain on ice in the dark. yes i cried, but i was ok. we are blessed finically be able to stay in a hotel for two weeks. trooper never got sick or hurt. hubby and i came to rely on each other and communicate through the experience. and i saw some of the most beautiful and majestic scenery in my life!

the truth is, i can honestly say it was one of the hardest experiences of my life.
yes i've lived all over the world. yes i've moved many, many times. but this was different. we had to do it all on our own with no help from the military, family or friends. i came to realize it really is just you and God out "there". He is the only one who can protect, love and provide for you like no one else or anything else can. i am SO grateful for His patience with me on a daily basis and the undeserved love He pours on me!

so because i cut out a lot of words, here are the pictures that i was able to capture. you know, while driving (sorry mom!)

Heading up through north AZ

 the scenery, until we got to MT and couldn't see anything but snow, was awesome! so different than any other i have seen.

leaving salt lake city, utah

i've grouped all the grand canyon ones together because to be honest i don't remember when or where i took each one :)

Trooper enjoying the view. it was funny, each time the air changed he'd go a little crazy sniffing

how'd you like to live there? 

here there was a for sale sign for land that said "own a million dollar view!" um, yes! 

this is the only one of idaho b/c the roads were really windy so i couldn't snap and we were in it very long

i left this one unedited because i wanted you to see what the sky really looked like.

oh my goodness the wind!!

Dillon, MT
blue morning

the "mechanic"

blurry but i love this. the sun was setting on this lake and it was so pretty

eventually i will post more pretty photos of mt, but it was already dark when we went through the pretty parts driving.


so after finally making it to billings and being in the hotel for a few days we needed to get out. so we headed to a great spot on the yellowstone river where you can walk down on the rocks and frozen water. it was nice to get out, even though it was FREEZING!, and get some air. trooper liked it too :)

what's the moral of the story?

trust God, be smart and don't move yourself. in a budget truck. to montana. in december. 
you're welcome :)

this is one of my faves of GC i snapped with my phone.

so who's been traveling? been to the GC? what'd you think? ever move yourself across country?

happy tuesday!


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