pancakes and girl crushes

i have a confession. i'm a little in love with Nigella Lawson. i love her cook books and the way she explains and loves food.

i have a couple of her cook books that i go to, time and time again. the one i used recently is 

 it's full of awesome recipes that take not a lot of time or effort. she has food for every meal of the day and then some.

the other day i made the homemade pancake mix, cooked the pancakes up and had the homemade blueberry syrup as well.


i love having my own homemade mixes in the house and this one is a great one.  super easy and better for you. 

 i love to keep mine in one of the glass jars i brought back from germany.

i don't have a photo of the pancakes because well i ate them too fast. here is a shot of what was left of the yummy blueberry syrup.

what have you been cooking up lately? any great cook books? do you make and keep homemade mixes? feel free to share!

happy tuesday!


  1. I love her too! She has an amazing Spanish Chicken recipe that we eat all the time.


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