quick change: plant dress up {montana diy}

~ once again it's time for another installment of quick change! the post where i take something and change it up super fast. like superman in a phone booth. 
here you will find inexpensive ways to refresh something old or new to make it better suit you. wow that rhymed. not on purpose :) ~

today we are tackling the store bought plant in the plastic pot. 
i love store bought plants when i'm in a pinch. they add a touch of brightness right away and they make great gifts.

i found this one with herbs around st. patty's day at my local grocery, but wasn't nuts about the plastic printed cover.

i had some fabric scraps lying around-who are we kidding a TON of scraps- so i thought i'd dress it up a bit.

i just used fabric, hot glue and patience. 

first i cut off the top portion of the plastic to make a nice edge. i left the plastic on underneath so water wouldn't leak out the bottom.

then i took my fabric and folded down the top for a smooth finish and checked to make sure my length was ok.

then i started gluing. be careful here! because the glue is so hot and you are gluing on plastic things can get on your fingers and trust me it doesn't feel good.

you could also do this with regular or fabric glue if you had some sort of clip system and more time. i was in a hurry :)

next i started gluing the bottom sections. carefully laying the plant on it's side i worked my way around, crisscross wise, attaching all the ends to the bottom.

>be careful here not to pull too tightly. then you will have exposed rim on top. this is not meant to be form fitting or tight. 

it's ok that the bottom is a bit messy. you won't see that part anyways.

then i just attached the back sections and it was done!
now you have a Dress Up Plant!
see dress up can still be fun!

super cute and not that hard to do. took me about 15 minutes. 

this adds a little touch of personality to a standard gift or piece for your home. i don't intend this to be permanent. just cute for now!

 what quick changes have you been doing? any plants around your casa? what herbs are you using these days? would love to see your versions! link up if you post on your bloggy!!



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