beautiful sky {montana blog}

can you believe june is gone?! i can't. that's obvious by the lack complete neglect of blogging i did last month.

it really just flew by. i don't know if you are like me- busy with outings friends family and work- but that seems to be a theme in the summer. no rest for the weary!

it has been really warm here lately. i have to say i am really surprised by how warm. we've reached 100* a few times. i guess i was thinking that maybe it would stay in the low 80's all summer. wishful thinking. we don't, however, have humidity so that's nice. for my temperature but not my skin or hair :( 
the locals say this weather is more like august time, so we'll see what august has to bring. hopefully no more forest fires!

the other night it was nice out so trooper and i took a quick walk around the apartment complex. we are surrounded by fields, for now, so the view is open with great sunsets. i love that God likes hot pink too :) 

happy tuesday!


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