Sarah+Ryan Wed! {montana photographer}

They have known each other for years. Like 6! And you can tell that they are so in love with each other and enjoy working together as a team.

Sarah and Ryan are probably the most athletic and active couple I've ever met. I mean you can look at Sarah's arms and be scared to meet her in a dark alley! You can see that they love to be out and about climbing mountains and rowing boats. Together. This is a great metaphor for life. He's a school teacher and she's a personal trainer and volleyball coach.
They met in school and spend 6 years together before getting married. I'd say they are already on their way to making a great lifelong partnership.

The wedding day was HOT! Thank goodness we don't have humidity up here! Yikes! But thankfully the breeze was gently blowing and with trees comes shade, so the ceremony wasn't that bad at all. If Sarah was anything like me, she hardly noticed. She was staring at her prince charming so in love.

It makes me so happy to see a couple who is really committed to each other and to what Christ says about marriage. Gives me hope for the future of the world!

I was so honored to spend the afternoon with the great couple and their families. The families were so sweet and just unbelievably happy for the couple. The super fun wedding party was a blast too! These guys kept me on my toes and rolling with laughter the whole day.

Thanks Sarah and Ryan for letting me be a part of your wonderful day! Congrats!
Jemimah B.

Sarah and Ryan were married at the Yellowstone Country Club here in Billings. It is a beautiful golf course with a great catering staff. Luckily Sarah has worked for this CC growing up during the summers so she had an in! How cool is that! 
 I love all the sweet touches Sarah incorporated into the day. Like the card suitcase and the tree guest book.

Her dress was beautiful! Strapless with detail on top that fades down the body with a gorgeous lace detail at the bottom.

The cake was made by Ruth over at Dancing Oven Bakery on main in Billings. She is a sweet heart and very talented! This cake was so sweet and simple while still being unique! With wrap detail it looked just like fabric. Sarah's colors were dark purple, red and white. I love these colors together. I personally had those colors at my wedding so I loved it! I knew Sarah had good taste ;)

The beautiful rings were from Goldsmith Gallery here in town.
Sarah's bouquet went perfectly with here dress and the mood. So sweet with keeping the color neutral white.

See what I mean about the wedding party! Too fun!!

Sarah stop it! Gorgeous!! 

The handsome groom and his crew :)

Look how happy they are! 

Ok so this couple can't take a bad photo. I'm one lucky lady! 

 Sarah and Ryan were so patient and up for whatever. They braved the heat and hunger (sorry Sarah!) to do a couple photos together. They are stunners- no question!

Hope you're feeling some love wherever you are! Been to any weddings lately? Dying in the heat or keeping it cool? Tell me about it! ;)

Happy Tuesday!


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