month of giveaways {photo giveaway}

it's that time again!
time for another giveaway in the month of september!

this is so much fun!!

since i have photo clients all over the world - thank you us army- this giveaway is gonna be a little different.
this is a photo giveaway to say thanks to everyone who follows, supports and is a client of mine!!

whatcha get:

> if you are one of my past photo clients (hi y'all!) enter to win one of the photos from your session in an 16x20 canvas!!

> if you are NOT one of my clients, enter to win one of my "artistic" photos (below) in an 16x20 canvas!

^sewing room creations^

^^Eiffel tower Paris, France^^

^^Rothenburg, Germany^^

^^Venice, Italy^^

i have loved living all over the place and being able to take photos of where i've been and what i do or see is such an amazing blessing!!

*NOTE: there seems to have been some confusion on the last giveaway. just to be clear, ALL giveaways are open to ANYONE, ANYWHERE unless otherwise noted.


to enter you can do one or all of these things. 
>>please leave a comment on this blog for each thing you did, and which print you would pick<<
each entry adds to your chances:

1.follow the blog by signing up for the email list above
2.tweet or facebook about the giveaway about this giveaway
4.become a fan of Jemimah B. Photography on facebook (

giveaway ends at midnight mountain time Friday September 21st. 

good luck everyone!!
happy friday!


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