Vanderhart Family {Arizona Photographer}

today we have some surprise -to me anyways ;-\ - visitors! yay the vanderharts are coming! they are on their way here from good ole arizona on a road trip and one of their stops is to see us!
so exciting when i get to see people i know from out of town. a special treat.

so since i never posted a full post of their family photos way back when we lived in arizona - i'm a loser, i know! - i thought i'd share them today in honor of their visit.

i LOVED shooting these photos. i love the backdrop we were able to take advantage of seeing as they own it. wouldn't you love to look out and see a field full of cotton or corn for your back yard!? very cool.
this family is so sweet and happy together and over the moon for their little guy. mr. C is a hoot and so much fun to be around. he was a great subject!

well i'm off to have a fun couple of days with the V. family!
happy tuesday!


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