winner + update {playing catch-up}

the winner of the photo giveaway is Melissa Vinton who said
 "I did 1,2&4 on your list and would love love to have the family portrait you took of us if we win...Thank you"

The Vintons were some of my military clients in Texas, who are now stationed overseas. 

Congrats Melissa! I can't wait to send your canvas to you! 



ever feel like you are playing catch up? well that's me this week. 
we have a lot going on here these days, personally and you know just life stuff. we also had some wonderful friends visiting and staying with us. now while i LOVE to see and visit with familiar faces, it completely throws me off my axis! 

my schedule gets all out of whack and i find myself not being able to get back in the swing of things as soon as i'd like. 

hence, why there was only 2 giveaways in september instead of the 3 i had planned. don't worry i will still be doing the last one, just now in october instead ;-/

i currently have a *ton* of tutorials and info to share (including an AWESOME giveaway i won from a cool gal!), but today- 

today i am cleaning ole #7, 

listening to this

working on my latest photo shoot (aren't they cute!),  

football sneak

and looking at my pretty glittered pumpkins!

aren't they glamourous! you need a little glitter now and then ;0)

tutorial to come!  

ok i'm off to prep the house so when my hair client gets here she doesn't run away! 

what are y'all up to? attack anything with glitter lately? have friends over? how does that affect your schedule? what' your favorite soundtrack?

happy tuesday!


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