just keeping it real. here i am this morning in all my no makeup, ratty hair and general gorgeousness glory.

do you ever feel this way?

of course you don't.

or how about this?

you? no way!

i'm sure i'm the only one out there who has a bad day, right?

well lately it seems i can't "get right" ever have that feeling?

your mind just doesn't want to seem to play along. your playing catch up. stressed out. big decisions to make. confused. crazy. these are just a few of the wonderful emotions going on in this house lately! lovely!
seems like i can't catch my breath...literally!!

so today i am going to go make a ginger bread house with a 4 yr old when i could be doing laundry, making important phone calls or catching up on work stuff.
because if hubby comes home tomorrow and finds me in a pile on the floor, i don't think it would be good!

hope your day is stupendous!!
happy wednesday
p.s thank you apple for making photo booth! how would i express my weirdness without it!?


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