retro posting or why i don't blog

so i have realized something i'm not too happy about. something y'all have already realized long ago. i stink at blogging. at least currently.
i try, i promise i do. but for whatever reason or another it gets pushed to the end of my to do list as so many things seem to lately.

there is a partial reason why i think i don't blog hardly ever anymore: i don't feel i have anything to say or interesting to share. this is absurd because what blogs do i like to read the most? ones about everyday people and their everyday lives.
i think i felt more inspired to post when i lived in Germany due to the fact that i was in a foreign country and the excitement of that motivated me to write and snap photos like crazy. to make my hubby go to all sorts of places and drive all sorts of hours to get a glimpse.
i also felt like an ambassador of sorts for my family back "home". they weren't able to travel where i was traveling so i felt they were traveling vicariously through me, so i needed to make it worth their while!

i also must confess that moving back to the US was a bit of a let down. coming back and landing in el paso tx as our first US duty station with the Army was a culture shock to say the least.
lots of flat desert sand where we were used to rolling green hills filled with trees. lots of heat and dry dust storms where we were used to rain at least 2 days a week. a dominate flavorful culture that we had not experienced before as well as a foreign language being spoken more than english. this caused hubby and i to feel as if we weren't in the US, but in some strange sub-sect that we had no preparation for. we were. it's called a border town.

do i love this country? absolutely! do i love the people we met, the food we ate and the traditions we got to experience in el paso? absolutely!
but i also loved love europe and miss it daily.
for many reasons germany will always hold a very special place in my heart. some personal. some marriage related. some cultural.
i used to think that how happy you are in a town/state/area has to do all with your attitude. i am not so sure anymore this is entirely true. sometimes life just stinks. circumstances are really hard to deal with and no buck up attitude can fix it.
but i digress!
i'm sure i could write an entire blog on my feelings and experiences about our first year "back".
another time.

the second reason for not blogging? procrastination and laziness. again, another post!
but this reason does cause mountains of photos to be in my collection with thoughts attached to them like "must blog about this". problem is, it's been a year for many of those subjects and photos.

so here's what i'm gonna do. if it's alright with you i am going to retrospectively post about things that have already taken place. exciting huh?
i have goals to keep current on this blog with new happenings, but this will help me fulfill my post to do list.

to start off, here is a little look back at a trip to arkansas last year around this time.

some photos are taken with my iPhone and some with my big girl camera.

since this was a short trip, i had to pack as much in as possible!

one of my favorite things about going back to AR is visiting my grandparents-nana and granddaddy. they are one of the first stops usually when i get to town.
i am blessed to have all 4 grandparents living. 
hubby and i love listening to the stories of when they were first married, filling them in on our happenings and of course you can't forget the latest news about the razorbacks! 
here my sisters, dad and nephews are visiting their home in little rock.
i can smell their home if i try real hard. i love the memories it conjures up in my mind.

 next on the arkansas express was a stay over at mom and dads in arkadelphia. 
here, my other grandfather-paw- is petting scooter the dog. he loves dogs and they love him.

 the crazy foursome. and believe me, we are as diverse as we look! 

hammock sleepy time.

 my mothers trees are the stuff dreams are made of. you know when someone says close your eyes and think of a happy place- well these are my happy place. i think they talk to me the way they gently rustle. i told hubby the next time we are there take note to what kind they are so we can one day plant the same kind in our yard!

scooter cracks me up! can you see his teeth?

southern shock and awe! 

 maw and paw are some of my favorite people on the planet! aren't they so cute holding hands?! 

 my mother's hydrangeas. i have no idea how she gets them to be so full and beautifully colored!

this is my dad, as a baby, in a bottle. 

 alaska thimbles.

 my mother's home is like a thrift store or as they call them in the south a flea market-in the best possible way of course! you never know what you are going to come across!

 like a boxing baby.

 the family motto.

 i love these guys!

 the family dinner/school/make believe scenario bell. i have no idea where it came from but it has been in our family as long as i can remember.
 took scooter for a walk and this is what i found! i wish they made smell-a-vision already! 


 you can't go to the south and not have watermelon! so good!! 

next i took in a little stop to the other grandparents place. if mom's house is a flea market full of thoughtful treasures, then maw and paw's house is like a museum of world travels and sentimental art pieces lovingly collected over many years.

 maw has a love for all things mother daughter. 

 this clock has been in the family for years! my favorite part is the top where the bulls? are fighting!

 can you see my pretty momma in the back?

their wedding day.

i am always "at home" at maw and paw's house. they live in a remote-r area with limited access to the technology driven world i am used to and this makes for a more slower pace while there. truth be told that's one of the reasons i love it.

so there is a little flash back post for you. thanks for coming along!

do you travel to the south? where do you unplug? seen any news for the invention of smell-a-vision?

happy wednesday!


  1. Tried to comment using phone. no go. so now I finally got to say something here using computer. Love this post. So reminiscent. Loved all the pictures. I know I said so many other really great things, but I love you is really what I meant all along.
    Keep up with the blogging.
    Love you,

  2. @yomj thanks!
    i don't know what's up with the comment thing? looked into it and can't figure it out :( you should ask the master blogger in our family :)


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