megan+ryan engaged! {montana photographer}

didi you have a happy 4th? i hope you did! i like everyone, ate too much, sweat in the heat and stayed up too late. it was great! 

but today is july 5th, and that means tomorrow is july 6th and that means i will be shooting a wedding all day tomorrow here in beautiful montana. 
this will be my second time shooting a wedding in this beautiful state, and even though i had more time to prepare than last time, i still have butterflies. 
as i've said before, wedding days are a BIG deal! you only get one time to get those super important shots! but i am glad i have a little experience under my belt, it will be a tad cooler than last time and the bride and groom, once again, couldn't be nicer!

and since their wedding in tomorrow and all invites have been sent long ago, here is megan and ryan's engagement shoot!

this was such a fun shoot! we went to 3 different locations, each with their own personality. 
megan had tons of input in the shoot and i think she and i did a pretty good job at collaborating :)  

our first location is actually an old movie set that was used for a movie near billings. megan knows the owner so we had free reign! 

we shot these first couple photos inside one of the houses on set. it was SO windy and cold the day we did these photos, so any shelter was welcome!

 next we used my quilt to our advantage and they got cozy outside one of the buildings.

 megan is so funny!

next we headed to ryan's land where they are eventually building a house. we stopped along the way to grab some shots on the tracks. i never get tired of these shots! i know they are old hat but i love them! plus megan wanted something like this because she has one from when her parents were young and doing the same thing :)

 it was still cold, so lots of hugging for these two! ;)

at ryan's land we got a few photos of the open land that makes montana great...

 and windy!

 megan is so pretty!!

last stop we headed back to the tracks so megan could change in this awesome dress her mother made and get some nostalgic images.
 look at her shoes!!
 poor megan! i know she was freezing but she was a trooper about it!!

i know we will have just as much fun or more tomorrow at their wedding!! i'm looking forward to the roasted pig! what?! and pray we aren't rained on ;-/

been to any weddings lately? do you like train tracks as much as me? do you own tiffany blue heels too?

happy friday! 


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