book review and a deal! {A Homemade Year}

so you know how there's a general timeline when it comes to getting things done and/or sharing info. like for christmas you don't put up your tree at easter (or maybe you do ;-/) and you talk about your decorations in december, not july. or if you're pregnant and you live out of town from family, you don't just one day post photos of your new baby no one knows about (no mom i'm not pregnant!) and say here he is! ok that's a little extreme, but you know what i mean.

well this book review is totally late coming around. not because i forgot about it, or haven't read the book till now. nope just your basic life- can- stack- up- so- quickly- you- don't- realize- it's- 4 months- later- kind of thing.
in my defense, early on at least, i didn't write about this immediately mainly because i wanted to give myself due time to read the whole thing front to back and really soak it in. not just get it and gush right away with out really knowing the whole "story"
i'm so glad i did take the time!

A Homemade Year by Jerusalem Jackson Greer is one of the best books i've ever read.
and no i'm not just saying that because she's my sister.
it really is such a well put together and thoughtful reflection and inspiration on how to incorporate Christ into our daily lives and through out the year using the liturgical calender as a guide. to constantly be brought back to Him with traditions and practices that go beyond Easter and Christmas.
i'm not one for big pomp and circumstance and the whole ceremony of some religious practices that, to me, get carried away with the ritual and not the heart behind how we are called to worship.
that's why i appreciate this book and the heart behind it.

of course knowing the author pretty well gave me a different insight into things. but not as much as you would think.
while reading this book i really got to see the heart of my sister and what i think we all as Christians strive to be- closer to Christ, more like Christ and to share Christ with others.
Jerusalem does this with gatherings that most of the time include food. we're southern. it's what we do. and sometimes a craft of sorts.

i knew that my sister likes to be close to people- in proximity and emotionally- much more than i do. i can't tell you how many times she asked my entire family to buy houses on her block so we can all be CLOSE! but this book gave me insight into why.

one of the great things about Jerusalem's writing is how she makes you feel like family even if you've never met her before.
with this book it's as if she grabs your hand, leads you to the kitchen, offers you a seat and pours you a cup of coffee before settling in to tell you wonderful stories and make you feel as if you've known each other all along.
one of Jerusalem's mantras if you will, is "God is love". i, on the other hand, tend to need a little more, ahem, shall we say information and guidance about God and His love. but for my sister this is enough.  to love and be loved the way Christ does is her focus.  i believe in this book A Homemade Year you see, read and feel this. Jerusalem's passion to build community is evident.

one of the best parts of this book is all the reading! i have to tell you i was surprised and a little taken aback when i opened it. but after going through the whole thing, i wouldn't have wanted it any other way. my sister is a blogger at and sometimes people who write blogs, don't translate into books very well. not so here.
in the many stories and info my sister shares, are parts of her heart. good and bad. struggles and triumphs. antidotes and traditions. i cried many times throughout. this may not happen to you or it might! i think it's fine either way. my sister is very good with her words so be prepared to love every sentence.

to me this book was like looking through a wonderful scrapbook or photo album. layered with photos, stories, recipes and projects. stitched and glued together. a button here and patch of fabric there. all done with love.
each story, project and recipe was carefully woven together to make such a happy and heartwarming book.

i have to say as well, that i love the design! the book is broken down into the four seasons of the year. each part containing special days of the liturgical calender and parts of my sister's life that she remembers or was taking part of as she wrote. i love that! not all books are broken down this way and as a reader it is a shame.
in A Homemade Year if you need to know what holidays are coming up soon you just find that season and turn there! or if you're like my Maw, you slowly follow the book in it's order as the year goes by and soak up every morsel. or if you just want a project or recipe it can be used that way as well.

there is also an ordinary section for those days we need to be reminded that it's not just about holidays. Jerusalem encourages us with ideas and inspiration to celebrate an ordinary day because Christ is in our ordinary days.

if you haven't yet, go out and get this book! you won't be disappointed!  no matter if you follow the liturgical calender (or even know what that is), if you have kids or not, if you like to cook or if you've never boiled water, you will enjoy this book.
it's filled with inspiration and love. you will enjoy the photos and smiles on every page. Jerusalem says this book is meant to inspire. to be an encouragement to slow down, take stock. enjoy what and who we have around us. to make do and make lovely no matter what our situation. not to have the perfect house, children or wardrobe. to go and make a homemade year -whatever that looks like-together with the ones you love and the ones He loves.


even though i'm totally late writing this, you are just in time because the wonderful people over at Paraclete Press are having a HUGE deal on A Homemade Year right now!! This is a STEAL! so head over to their website HERE and grab a couple. the holidays will be here before you know it and AHY makes a great gift!
while your there be sure to grab all the online patterns that go along with the book!

then head over to Jerusalem's blog and give here some love! >>>

happy wednesday!


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