Here we go....again! {moving to arkansas!}

welcome to my crazy life!

yup it's true! if you haven't heard by now let me tell you we are officially moving back to the south! we are excited and a little nervous to be honest! we have been away for so long that it will be an adjustment to be close to family again, the mosquitoes and bugs, the heat and the HUMIDITY! ugh! say a pray for me- for real!

 but all and all we are glad to be heading back that way and we really felt the pressing from the Lord to do so, so that was the driving force.

hubby and i had talked about it for months but never made a decision. we love montana as a state, our church here and hubby's job has great benefits. but we really felt it was time to step up and fulfill our place in each of our family's unit.

it's funny how God works.
we talked a bit and decided to just check online and see if there happen to be anything with the same mother company in the area we desired. there was, so hubby sent in his resume and in less than a month he had the joband it was done! crazy!

i really thought when we stared this we would be back for christmas, maybe. well hubby has to start work on september 18th. "why that's just a couple weeks away" you say? why yes it is!!!
i don't know how we are going to make it work but we have to!! we will be heading out on our road journey on the 15th. i am shooting a wedding on the 14th so i'll shoot that, drive back, sleep-a little- and then load up and hit the road.

even though it will be a fast trip we're excited to see that part of the country. neither of us have been that way before.

i'm so blessed that God has allowed me to see all kinds of things out side my little box. there is so much beauty, all around the world, but also right in our "back yards"!

i am especially excited to be in the natural state to spend my most favorite times of the year- fall and christmas!!

in the fall the entire state changes color. and at christmas i get to gather with all my family. i'm very excited about this!

things are going to be a bit tricky at first, staying with family while we look for a place, but there are enough houses we'll just rotate :)

i am looking forward to this next adventure and to see what God has in store for us! thanks for your prayers. they are much appreciated!!

i will be posting from the road most likely to instagram. if you don't follow me yet, go and do so @jemimahb
that way you can keep up with this crazy adventure!

gone on any adventures lately? have you moved recently? got any tips??

happy wednesday!


  1. I will be praying for you as you make this journey. Can't wait to see your pictures along the way. ~Barbara

  2. Wish you were moving back to AZ! ;) I'm sure your families will be happy to have you back in AR. Hope your move goes well - we'll be praying! - Matt & Jess


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