hello 2014

hello 2014.
can i just say i'm glad you are here.
i don't mind saying that 2013 was a doozy of a year. i mean i haven't blogged since august. that should tell you something.

i really thought it was just september that did it in. but then september turned into october. october to november and so on.

looking back it really was the entire year that will go down as a big one. one that sticks. starting the year in montana. a sad spring saying goodbye to our friends from az as they moved back. moving to arkansas with 2 weeks notice. shooting a wedding with the flu. packing up and driving to arkansas the following day. living on my sisters couch for 6 weeks. my grandfather passing away and all that goes with it. buying a house. starting new jobs. celebrating holiday after holiday. learning family dynamics all over again. and finishing the year with the flu, again. just to name the big ones.

there were joyful moments too like meeting awesome clients and finally getting involved in our church, but over all a stretching year.
i don't know what your 2013 looked like but i hope it was good. and if it wasn't that you look back on it (like i do) with at least the thought of i'm glad that's over!

i learned a lot.
i grew.
i cried.
i laughed.

i'm not a resolution person. but i pray 2014 brings with it change, joy, hope, love, growth and peace.
this is always my prayer.
and to be honest 2014 has already proved itself ready to challenge these goals.
i'm really liking this verse lately

His anger lasts only a moment,
but his kindness lasts a lifetime.
Crying may last for a night,
but JOY comes in the morning.
Psalms 30:5

this life and it's trails last for a moment but HE is forever! thank God for mornings of JOY!!
i cling to that!

here is praying you're off to a great 2014!

what is a verse you are holding to lately?
are you a resolution person?
what were some growing moments for you in 2013?

happy tuesday!


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