Thrifty or cheap? {Write 31 Days}

Hello again!
I'm so glad y'all are sticking around for this challenge! I hope that you will get something out of these posts that make your days better ;)

So thrifty or cheap. What's the difference? Well let me back up and then maybe you'll understand.

I was raised and schooled at home by a very thrifty and creative mother. My father's jobs took our family around the country and with 4 kids and a preachers salary there wasn't a lot of extra cash to go around. So my mom being the make it work lady she is, instilled in me the idea that you either use what you have, make it yourself or buy it used or on sale.
These ideals have stuck with me my whole life. And I think that's why I love being thrifty.
To me being thrifty is looking for opportunities to save a few dollars (because why not!) and use that money to ease financial burden, give to those in need, save for home improvements, your kids college fund, Christmas gifts, a spa day or whatever!! It also enables you to be grateful for what you have, create less waste and it's a great challenge to instill in the younger ones!!

Being cheap is all about the bottom dollar and has no flexibility when it comes to spending. Sometimes it's due to the financial situation you're in and you literally can't afford anything other than the cheapest things. Been there!! But usually people that are cheap cling so tightly to their money you can hear it scream! They can't let go of it for hardly any reason. That seems like a joyless journey if you ask me!

Money is hard to come by. I truly, truly get it! But, I believe, money is to be used and given to God, to take care of your family, yourself and others.
When we cling too tightly to things they don't have the freedom to be used the full capabilities!

Wow. Deep!

Ok back to the idea of being thrifty.

I love being thrifty for all the above reasons and another one- it's fun!
Do I like nice things and name brands? Yes!!
DonI hate paying full price for something? Yes!!. But I do it.
Do I wish things weren't so expensive? Yes!!
But I'm not willing to sacrifice my family's health or safety or use inferior products just to save a few bucks...which in the end up costing more :-/

So now you know why I'm thrifty! Next I hope to show you how I'm thrifty!
I didn't really know I was till I started getting older and realized hey not everyone gets excited about sharing their 99¢ dress deal the scored at the thrift store! Huh? Haha!

I hope today's post has encouraged you as you go out and about tomorrow or even if you're at home all day with littles that you begin to look at how and what you spend your money on. Why do you pay full price? Why do you go get fast food instead of making your own? Why do you have to have THAT brand? Do thrift stores scare you? Did you grow up with nothing so now you want it all?
I'd Love to see your comments!

Happy thrifting!


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