Thrifty Tuesday Tip {Write 31 Days}

Hi all! How's your week going so far??

Well I hope you are implementing some thrifty ways in your daily life!

Thrifty tip: Do not be afraid to ask for things you want or need for birthdays, holidays or when asked.
I used to always say "oh whatever is fine" or "you don't have to get me anything"!

Now when someone asks I try to be specific and let them know what I'm in need or want of, even if it's $$ 😉
This has really helped with little man. Not only do I speak up about what he needs but also what I don't prefer. I.e. No toys that require batteries or that have flashing lights and loud noises.

Speaking up ensures the gift giver has direction and enjoys shopping for you, and you get something you can actually use!!

Happy thrifting y'all and speak up!

Happy Tuesday!


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