Thrifty Tuesday Tip {Write 31 Days}

hey friends! how are you?! well I think fall is officially here in these parts! yeehaw!! now watch that change :-/

anyways heres a little tip for your tuesday!

laundry. we have to do it in some form or other and i can't say i'm a huge fan. the washing i don't mind and the end result of a drawer full of clean items to wear- huge plus! but the folding and putting away? nope not so much. right now i'm staring at a pile that needs just that and i'm writing this instead! haha!

but i digress.
the other day my brother in law was talking about his idea to regulate in home thermometers to control your bill. specifically that the unit would indicate how much your bill is and if you'd like to increase/decrease the temperature you have to make a deposit. like in quarters. what a great idea. maybe not the quarters, but the idea that you have to be faced with how much money you are spending instead of being billed later. the immediate reality of how much money is leaving your possession. interesting no?
if only it was that easy!

i remember when hubby and i lived in Phoenix and we actually had to pick a electricity schedule and if you used any during your specific "off hours" then you were charged more. for instance if you use electricity during evening hours on a regular basis you'd pick that one. i think ours was the morning/evening schedule. this usually worked out because i was at home during those times and those were the cooler times of the day anyways, so laundry and cooking didn't seem quite so hot.

this got me thinking back then. it should be obvious, but this day in age with anything and everything at our finger tips at any time of the day there are more thrifty times of day to do your laundry. Duh!
not only that, there are some thrifty ways you can do laundry to help ease the pain of that hefty electric bill!

>time of day: again duh, but earlier in the morning and later in the evening is the best. this way if your using cold water then it stays cool.
>water: i have used cool water on everything from towels to uniforms. i really haven't had any problems with my detergent dissolving. i've used a homemade detergent for years and i really like it. occasionally i use warm/hot water on stubborn towels or cloth diapers.
>detergent: like i said i have used the same powder detergent for years now. it costs about $20 and takes about 20 min to make and lasts 6 months. I LOVE IT!
in the past i have also used the arm and hammer liquid concentrate detergent- i liked it. the seventh generation liquid detergent- it was ok but felt i had to use a lot. i recently purchased some Ecco (i think) detergent. it is green and has enzymes. i hope to see how this works in a pinch when i run out of my regular stuff. i purchased these with coupons of course to keep costs down.
>load size: fill up the load but don't over do it. you want to get the most out of the water you are paying for! if you do a smaller load be sure to get the size right and if you have the option of wash cycle length, don't over do it. most loads don't need the full heavy load cycle.
>drying: if you're using a dryer, choose the low heat setting. again most items don't need the full high heat. usually just towels. my favorite for items like sheets, athletic wear and cloth diapers is the laundry line! it does make items a tad crunchy but i love the smell and honestly the routine of it all! a great old fashioned and economical choice!! the sun also acts like a natural bleach for the diapers! yay!
this is also a great option indoors! when it's winter and too cold to hang outside, put up a line or set out a rack inside your home. this will add moisture to the indoor dry winter air. trust me, your skin will thank you ;)

ok y'all! so those are my laundry tips for keeping things thrifty!
what are some tips you have? hang any clothes lately? do you make your own detergent or buy the regular stuff? what do you think of my BILs idea of the thermostat??
happy tuesday!



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