what happened {this crazy life of mine}

howdy friends!
summer is in full swing down here in the south! is it where you are? coming from Arizona where the heat had already reached the 90s in april, it is feeling "warm" to me here despite the humidity! i'm sure this will pass the longer we're back. for some reason the warm muggy days and evenings filled with lightening bugs and tree frogs makes me feel a little inspired. so i'm trying to dust off the ole blog and get back to some basics that i have enjoyed over the years.

but let me back up.

south? yes you read that right! we're back. and i mean, way down south, back. in a small town like cheers-where everyone knows your name...and address...and kids names... and what your cousin did last weekend. but i digress!
how did we get back here and what happened in between october 2015 and now? well a lot honestly! our son turned 1. there was a move from arkansas to arizona. our son turned 2. the passing of two grandparents. a move out of our arizona rental, and into a camper for 4 months. the death of a beloved pet. then a move back to arkansas (which is already its own adventure)! :)

you can imagine all the different nuances and things that took place while all that was going on. life is crazy anyways, and you add in a toddler and moves across country and trying to adjust and dig in where you are and you have crazy town!

i will share all the kinds of adventures we were able to have with our time in arizona. but for now i just wanted to say hello and hope that you will join me as i venture thru this crazy life!

i hope to fall in love with blogging again and use this as an outlet to share all my life goings on. i have felt the need lately to slow down and take notice of the loveliness of life all around me. i will learn and document as i go along.

join me here every now and then to see if we can't make this life all its supposed to be, right where we are!



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