Heart of the Home {Kitchen Love}

I haven't shared too much about our living situation over the last year+, and I might share more in the future, but right now let me just say I am SO ready to see some of my home again!
When most all your earthly possessions are boxed up you find out what you need, what you want and and what you don't need or want.

I do miss some THINGS, however what I really miss is having my own space to have people over to fellowship and love on. This may come as a surprise to many who know me and know I appreciate my SPACE, but I do truly value authentic relationships that feed the soul. I also believe food is a great way to learn, make connections and a special privilege and way to care for others.
I love to be able to set a place for people to gather around a table, a couch, a counter and talk laugh and cry.

Food and fellowship are so important in my life. I like good food and good company.
This doesn't mean I love big parties, or fancy dinnerware or need a huge budget.
Some of the best times I can recall are of friends sitting at my counter sharing their hearts and letting me share mine. Just us, something to drink something to snack on and each other.

Each home has a heart. Growing up and to this day mine is the kitchen.
I don't need people to help me prepare anything, but I love it when they are there chatting with me. Telling me about their day. Kids running through or helping set the table as the food is prepared.
It's a lovely, sometimes loud, picture of everyone pitching in to make the meal happen and get the multitudes fed!

There is a new home on the horizon and if everything works out (fingers crossed) I will be gathering and hosting lovelies and my lovelies around the heart of the home very soon!

I can't wait to pull out some vintage linens, get the pots bubbling with something yummy and toast to all the blessings we have. I need to start looking up some yummy recipes!
Do you know any good bread recipes? I'm a novice but the idea of baking my own bread sounds dreamy! I could be romanticizing this too much. But the smell of baking bread alone is motivation of me!

So cheers to your home and what makes it special. And to all those who aren't where you hope to be, one day you will be. And along the way there's still lots to learn and lots of yummy food.



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