the "K" kids {san antonio, tx photographer}

remember this cutie?  well back in february i had a chance to go visit one of my best friends Sarah in san antonio and this is one of her daughters. i love visiting sarah because she always knows what to say to bring me back down to reality with soft, but convicting, words. she always brings things back to God's Word and has a great listening ear no matter the circumstances. 

another reason i like to visit her is to see her kiddos. i have known this family since living in Germany a few years ago and it always amazes me how big the kids get every time i see them! of course i'm not around everyday to see them grow a little at a time, so when i see them again they are a few feet taller and a few teeth short. 

while i was in SA sarah sent the kids outside and we had an impromptu photo shoot. these kids are so much fun and so silly and just a joy for me. 
here is what we ended up with. 

miss E is such a  sweet heart. she definitely has a strong will and opinions all her own but she is a great big sis and has the best laugh!

mr. L just melts my heart! look at those eyes! he is a funny guy with some awesome guitar moves and can put on a concert like no bodies business! oh and he LOVES his momma. come on now!

oh miss H! she called me Mia the whole visit and wasn't really sure what i was doing there at first. but i'm happy to report she has asked about me since i left :) H always has to be in the middle of it all and totally knows how to hold her own with two older siblings!

this is the "cheeseburger" face! :)

lastly mr. L and Trooper! L loves Trooper and thinks he's the bestest dog ever!  i love that and think it's so sweet.  funny thing is Trooper weighs around 15lbs and can pull L down the street! too funny!  i mean come on, how could you not love that puppy face?! 

happy friday!


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