tricky, tricky {phone speaker diy}

today we have another OOT guest, who is actually moving here to ole MT. the Phisters are coming! yay! so while the boys are out house hunting and i'm about to go stock the fridge, i thought i'd share this lil' ditty with ya.

so i have been doing this for years but apparently, according to the almighty Pinterest, this is quite a novelty.

my tip? put your smart phone in a bowl or round dish to amplify the speakers. saves you from having to blow out your speakers at full volume and helps to spread the sound out much better.

this is the way i use mine in the kitchen while i'm cooking or cleaning. it's a vintage milk glass dish i got from who knows where and it's cute, small and does the rick :)

so there you have it. earth chattering i know. but sometimes the most simple ideas are the best, don't you think? makes you go why didn't i think of that!?

well i'm off to finish some errands! have you been using this technique? what dish do you use? do you enjoy the jackson 5 while cleaning too? are you housing out of town guests? how's it going?

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happy tuesday!


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