SPRING Subscription Box Contents {Spring 2018}

Hi Friends!

I wanted to share with you the contents of the Spring Subscription Box 2018!

If you'd like to know how I started this little endeavor of mine, check out THIS blog post to see how I came to the Subscription Box idea.

Just like in any new business adventure there will be aches and pains, ups and downs, learning curves, and lots of trail and error. As I go along please be patient with me and PLEASE give me feedback! I love to know how you are feeling about the products, packaging, timeline, etc. It is the only way we can get the best Boxes possible!


Spring is in the air and in the box as well! I love how each season brings me new inspiration and joy to create something unique and helpful to YOU!!

This box has some really great stuff to help you along this busy season of the year and hopefully make your life more WELL-rounded ;)

What's in the Box......
 *Grow Image*

One of the sayings that kept ringing in my head this year- Grow where you are planted. I know some sayings say "bloom" but personally i like GROW better. Because lets face it- we aren't always in the mood to "boom" and sometimes even though we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, "growing" isn't always pretty. But grow we shall! 

*Reusable Rounds*

Instead of reaching for a cotton ball for taking off your makeup, nail polish removal or to aid a boo boo try a reusable round instead! Made from terrycloth and flannel these washable disks are wonderful for all sorts of things! Coming to the Etsy shop HERE soon! 

*EO Blend*

This essential oil blend is great for seasonal discomfort. This blend contains lemon, lavender, and peppermint which helps ease the struggle many have while everything is in bloom! Breath easier when this is applied, diffused or sniffed. If you are interested in Essential Oils by Young Living go HERE

*Stretchy Lace Headband*   
This stretchy lace headband is perfect for making those stray hairs behave and making you look cute on a bad hair day. Simple and chic these go with everything! Headbands of all kinds are available HERE!

*Infinity Scarf*
These lightweight scarves are perfect for spring days when its still a little chilly out but warming up. These also add color and interest to any outfit with little effort! Using vintage fabrics as well makes these a great conversation piece.

*Re-Usable Panty Liner*

Women contribute to some of the highest numbers in the disposable waste department due to feminine hygiene products. Help limit this amount by using re-usable liners. Made by hand and from soft flannel fabric with a convenient snap, these are just as easy as the toss away versions. Just throw in the wash with the rest of the laundry and you're good to go! Purchase your liners HERE!


I hope you are enjoying the content lists for these boxes. My intent for the box service is to provide great items that expand your idea of what is available to you and how easy it is to create more wellness in your life!
The Summer box is soon to ship! If you are interested in a Summer Box get on the VIP list asap! The cutoff is June 1st so if you're interested follow me on Instagram @jemimahb or Facebook at @jemimahbcreative and comment on my Subscription Box post to get on the list!
Boxes ship out June 8-9! These boxes are great for yourself but also as gifts to share!

Thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart for your support! It means the world to me!!



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